Understanding Wellness Care in Sartell

Chiropractic Sartell MN Wellness Care

Wellness in Sartell comes from within. This is why we believe you can improve your health and quality of life naturally. Our doctors have extensive knowledge of nutritional therapies for various health conditions and can offer alternatives to traditional medical care and drugs. The volume of natural health information available is overwhelming; we can help you sort out which foods and supplements are right for you.

Dr. Sara is a Certified Athletic Trainer in Sartell and has worked as a Personal Trainer in the past. She can help you perfect your workout routine or guide you in the right direction if you are just starting out. There may be exercises you should or shouldn't be doing, bases on your health condition, and we will advise you on the best workout for your most complete and quickest recovery.


Understanding the Difference Between Acute Care and Wellness Care in Sartell

Acute care is like taking your car in when the check engine light comes on and wellness care is like changing the oil in your car regularly. Acute care happens after you’ve sustained an incident, accident or injury. This tends to be more frequent care due to the fact that we are in the process of re-teaching your body a new normal. Wellness care takes place once you’ve reached a place in your care where your pain is manageable if at all, and you want to maintain your health.

What are the possible short term benefits of chiropractic wellness care?

Wellness care assures that you’re running on a full tank every day. It creates less pain, more energy, better sleep and better posture. It creates a sense of being proactive in your healthcare rather than reactive.

What are the possible long term benefits of chiropractic wellness care?

Long term benefits of chiropractic wellness care include a decrease in medication use, deeper relaxation, and a greater resistance to disease. There is research out that shows patients who get adjusted regularly have stronger immune systems. There is an overall feeling of health improvement with regular wellness care.

What are the possible cost savings of having wellness care?

Wellness care is cost-effective. Simply put, it is less expensive to keep you well than to get your health again. Proactivity is less expensive than damage control…especially when it comes to your health. We have to treat you less to keep you healthy than if a health concern comes up.

Wellness Services provided in our office?

We provide a variety of wellness services in our office. In addition to regular chiropractic care, we also offer high quality, price-conscious vitamins and supplements, exercise and rehab instruction, and massage therapy services.

Advice for a patient about wellness care?

We recommended wellness care for many of your patients. It is highly beneficial, cost-effective, and just makes sense. What this means in terms of how often you are seen varies with each patient based upon what works best for them. Most often wellness care visits vary between once every 4-8 weeks.


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