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"Through seeing Dr. Sara I have been able to regain full use of my arm/neck range of motion. Her innovative treatment methods have made me a healthier person. I am not able to exercise on a regular basis without pain or soreness. Dr. Sara cares about you as an individual and what your health/performance goals really are."

- Travis S.

"Doc Sara can't make what I have go away, as I have a rare disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, but she has made me much more functional and comfortable. To find relief from pain, and an ear that listens, and hope and results - for me Doc Sara is a true healer. She listens, she learns, and invests her life in making your life a better life to live."

- Jan P.

"Patience, caring, attention to detail, reasonable treatment plans and suggestions, flexibility in scheduling, enthusiasm, a positive attitude and improvement in a battered old body! I feel like I am seeing an old friend rather than seeing a chiropractor when I am treated at her office. Dr. Sara is a very caring person whose goal is to improve the quality of life of her patients."

- Jerry C.

"From my treatments, I have gained a pain-free way of living that I have not found anywhere else. I know I can count on Dr. Sara's treatment to relieve pressure and tension in my body."

- Nicole R.

"It's so refreshing to have a chiropractor who takes the time to talk and asks where it hurts the most. Also, she not only works with the bones, but the muscles, ligaments and whatever else needs healing. She is interested in all around good health, balance through nutrition, exercise, getting to know you and informational classes. Dr. Sara is interested in doing her best to get you feeling better."

- Jan H.

"Before seeing Dr. Sara, I had a bad experience with a chiropractor. I saw him for months without any relief. So when I got hurt and my sister insisted that I see Dr. Sara, I was in so much pain that I would have tried anything. When I first started going to see Dr. Sara, my back pain was so bad that my daughter had to drive me to my appointments and I was unable to sit, stand or lay down without pain. I had to take a pillow to sit on wherever I went, even to my brother-in-laws funeral. I have not had the back pain that I had when I first starting going to see Dr. Sara. Between the treatments that took away the pain, the exercises and the maintenance appointments, I have been without the back pain. If I feel "that twinge" I go in right away. Now I am a firm believer in Dr. Sara. Without her I would not be pain free today. Because Dr. Sara listens to what is happening or has happened to you. Once you are feeling better she lets you decided how often you need to come in and if you don't feel that you need to she is alright with that."

- Bev A.

"Dr. Sara has the magic touch. I have had aches and pains in my back for years that other chiropractic doctors have not been able to ease. She teaches her patient's about their ailments, how it could have happened and what type of treatment can be given. Any others doctors would just crack your back and make another appointment with no explanations. She believes in her practice and her patients are people to her, not a dollar sign."

- Jennifer F.

"A Holistic point of view, in that not all adjustments will cure what ails, but it's an effort in all areas of life. I love the recommendations of products available that may help me to further my wellness plan. The environment is very peaceful and stress free, allowing for a more pleasant experience. I just love coming for my visits! I know when I walk out after seeing Dr. Sara, I feel good. Not just my back or neck, but all over. It's a healing experience!"

- Tama T.

"Relief from chronic pain from fibromyalgia and migraines... without putting any medications in my body! I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Sara to friends and family. As someone who was somewhat skeptical, and still is, of chiropractors, I have found Dr. Sara very honest and helpful. I didn't know that her treatments would be able to help me with my migraines and fibromyalgia, but they have! She has taught me how to understand my body and know when treatment is needed."

- Lucas G.

"My infant son was seen by Dr. Sara and after each adjustment he seemed more comfortable, more at ease and appeared to be a happier baby. Dr. Sara takes great pride in caring for her patients, looking for the best possible outcome, which we did receive. I would and have recommended this facility to many others. The environment is very relaxing and staff is very personable."

- Andrea O.

"I suffered from a dural headache for 3.5 weeks before caving into a chiropractor visit being the answer....so glad I did! I went from lying on my back, being able to do nothing with my new baby (and two older children!) to actually being able to live life fully again. After one visit, I felt 95% better! I am able to enjoy my family, life and school work again. I tell everyone I know about CPC! I appreciate this office's efforts and friendliness. Dr. Sara does so much more for me than chiropractic - she listens to my day to day issues and truly is a friendly voice of reason."

- Amanda H.

"Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Sara, I can use my left arm, I have increased range of motion, less headaches and better balance. I no longer feel disabled or limited and I feel better about my myself esteem since I can use my arm now. Everyone in the office is so friendly and caring in a professional manner - a very good experience every time I call or walk in the door."

- Heidi T.

"I was very skeptical about bringing my infant in for chiropractic treatment. In my head were versions of adjustments like you would do to an adult. But, Dr. Sara reassured me it wouldn't be like that. So I brought my son in because I trust Dr. Sara. Now, I wouldn't think of raising him without an chiropractic care because an infant adjustment relieved my son's spitting up problems. Children can't tell us they have pain, instead they cry, resist and become fussy or they may not want to lie down or get into their car seat. These are the things that were, when I paid attention, indicators that my son was out of alignment. A quick visit to Dr. Sara and it ended hours of frustration at home. I highly recommend Dr. Sara's gentle chiropractic treatments for infants and children."

- Jan H.

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“Dr. Sara does so much more for me than chiropractic - she listens to my day to day issues and truly is a friendly voice of reason.”

- Amanda H.

“ I know I can count on Dr. Sara's treatment to relieve pressure and tension in my body.”

- Nicole R.

“I know when I walk out after seeing Dr. Sara, I feel good. Not just my back or neck, but all over. It's a healing experience!”

- Tama T.

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2380 Troop Drive #201

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