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ChiroHealthUSATo ensure affordable chiropractic care for our community we wanted to offer a way that everyone can afford care. Our action was to become members of a Discount Medical Plan Organization called ChiroHealthUSA, which allows us to discount our fees to patients who do not have chiropractic benefits through their insurance. As a member, you will receive discounted fees for your treatment. For just $49 yearly, you and your whole family can join.

Visit www.chirohealthusa.com for more information.

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“Dr. Sara does so much more for me than chiropractic - she listens to my day to day issues and truly is a friendly voice of reason.”

- Amanda H.

“ I know I can count on Dr. Sara's treatment to relieve pressure and tension in my body.”

- Nicole R.

“I know when I walk out after seeing Dr. Sara, I feel good. Not just my back or neck, but all over. It's a healing experience!”

- Tama T.

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2380 Troop Drive #201

Sartell, MN 56377